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We are looking for anyone with similar passions to ours:

Nanomedicine, Targeted Drug Delivery,

Computational modeling of diseases, and/or Acute Critical Illnesses

Please join us in the fight!

Contact us here.

Available Positions

Postdoc (postdoctoral fellow)

Start anytime, rolling applications.  We encourage applicants from under-represented groups.

Developing new technologies.

We will consider applicants with a variety of backgrounds.  We are particularly interested in postdocs whose PhD work included any of the following:  nano-scale drug carriers; protein engineering; materials engineering; chemical engineering; animal models of cardiovascular disease (stroke, heart attack, etc), lung disease, sepsis, or other acute critical illnesses; catheter and drug pump engineering.  While we have particular interests in those backgrounds, we are interested in any candidate who has a passion for medical technology development!

Lab Technician / Research Specialist

Start anytime, rolling applications.  We encourage applicants from under-represented groups.

Developing new nanotechnologies.

This person will perform a broad range of experiments in mouse work, molecular and cell biology, and pharmacology.   The methods will include:  mouse models of lung disease, such as intra-tracheal LPS followed by organ harvest within 24 hours; histology of mouse lungs; flow cytometry of dissociated mouse lungs; pharmacological biodistribution experiments (injecting mice with drugs and harvesting organs to determine drug distribution); production of nanoscale drug carriers according to protocols we already have well worked out.


The Principal Investigator will help design experiments, but the applicant will be expected to troubleshoot these procedures as needed. The applicant will also keep accurate notebooks, perform data analysis, and assist in publication preparation. Additional duties will include assisting in experimental design, and participating in general laboratory activities such as lab meetings, ordering, and maintenance.

Positions: CV
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