Jake Brenner, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor and Attending Physician


Pulmonary, Allergy, & Critical Care Division, and

Systems Pharmacology & Translational Therapeutics Department

University of Pennsylvania

I spend 20% of my time attending in the ICU, and 80% developing medical technologies.


Laura Ferguson, MD, MS

Pulm / Critical Care Fellow

Laura is a pulmonologist with a background in bioengineering.  In lab she works on next-generation RBC-hitchhiking of nanocarriers, ex vivo human lung studies of nanocarriers, and development of nanomedicine for interstitital lung disease, her clinical sub-specialty.

Kate Rubey, MD

Neonatology Attending and Clinical Instructor

Kate is a neonatology fellow at CHOP, working in the neonatal ICU (NICU), taking care of critically ill infants.  In lab she works on nanomedicine for severe infections, especially pneumonia, and the mechanisms by which neutrophils recognize nanoparticles.

Mike Zaleski

PhD Student, Penn Pharmacology

Mike leads on project in collaboration with Insmed Corp to create a nanomedicine-based therapeutic for ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome).

Marco Zamora

PhD student, Drexel Bioengineering

Marco is working on two projects.  The first is the development of a nanomedicine-based therapeutic for ARDS, in collaboration with Insmed Corp.  The second project involves how the innate immune system interacts with nanocarriers.

Jichuan Wu, MD, PhD

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the lab

Jichuan trained in China as a neonatologist (critical care for infants), then worked at Temple University for 15+ years on animal models of acute critical illnesses (ACIs), focused mostly on ARDS and traumatic brain injury.  He joined the Brenner Bioengineering Lab in the summer of 2019, and directs animal experiments on ACIs.

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